233 Murray, Tel.: 789-8210

Soup Kitchen

The Soup Kitchen is located at 233 Murray Street, and is in operation 365 days of the year. On an average, 275 noon meals are served daily, and an additional 200 meals are provided to the Shelters’. In addition, 600 sandwiches are distributed on a take-out basis.

About 30 volunteers use donated food from bakeries, caterers, grocery outlets, etc. to create casseroles, desserts, salads, sandwiches and soup. The ‘day-old’, the ‘over-ripe’ and the surplus are transformed into tasty meals.

Doors open at 11:30 a.m. and volunteers serve a full-course hot meal. During the next hour, several rotations of guests fill the dining room which seats 94 people. We are wheelchair accessible. Evening meals are organized and distributed to their respective programs and arrangements are made for tomorrow’s menu. By the end of the day, meals will have been provided to 1,000 individuals, thanks to our donors and volunteers.

Evening Drop In Program

The Evening Drop In Program is open every day from 4:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. People drop in for a hot drink, a snack, bingo, a game of cards or just plain friendship. The Program welcomes men and women from nearby residences and shelters, as well as those living in rooms or on the street. Staff provide such basic needs as food, companionship and respite from the outdoors. Less obvious is their use of other resources to help the individual (i.e. referring a client to a shelter, doing laundry, finding necessary medical aid). AA meetings are provided twice weekly. The Drop In is a fun, friendly environment where all are welcome.

Grocery Program

Hampers are available on request from the Grocery Program in the basement, Monday through Thursday. On Fridays, there are pot-luck donations available. Volunteers endeavour to provide a nutritious, well rounded, two day supply. All food is donated and the hampers reflect what is seasonably available. In the winter months, non-perishables collected in Thanksgiving and Christmas drives are used. In summer the Program relies on fruits and vegetables donated by local gardeners and market vendors. Perishable items such as bread and pastries are donated daily by bakeries and grocery stores. Teams of volunteers package bulk items, clean over-ripe fruits and vegetables, stock shelves and serve clients.

Clothing Program

Seasonal clothing, footwear, toiletries and items of necessity are provided by the Clothing Program. Clients and residents of the Shepherds, as well as low-income earners benefit from this Program. Volunteers sort and arrange the bags and boxes of donated goods and oversee their distribution.


From Monday to Friday, eight hours a day, our Van collects the food and produce essential to preparing the meals and take-outs for a single day. Following a schedule of pick ups, the Van visits bakeries, donut shops, grocery stores and fruit and vegetable outlets. In this way, the donated food-stuff required to supply the food needs of Shepherds Programs is collected.



St. Brigid’s Church Basement

Tel.: 562-2538

The Shepherds of Good Hope has offered this Seasonal Service for 15 consecutive years. Christmas is a special time of year for expressing the true meaning of giving and sharing, and we would like to thank you for your continued support.

The Christmas Hamper Program operates out of the basement of St. Brigid’s Church. The Program enables families in need to be provided with the makings of a full Christmas Dinner. Recipient families are registered, then matched to a sponsor. This year, 1,183 households received a Christmas Hamper. Most of these were delivered directly by the sponsors, i.e. churches, offices, schools, service clubs. Approximately 12% were picked up by the recipients.

Hamper recipients must register in person with proper identification to avoid duplication with other Christmas Programs. Ninety percent are on Social Assistance, the remaining 10% are low income earners. They represent many different cultural backgrounds.

Providing for families is a wonderful part of the opportunity that we share with our donors and sponsors at the Shepherds of Good Hope.


The Volunteer Program provides support for the Food Programs, the Residential Programs, and the Emergency shelters. Volunteers are from all walks of life. Included in our volunteer corps are persons from the Ontario Works Program as well as co-op students. Sometimes school or Church groups volunteers their services for a day. Also, included in the volunteer base  are those persons referred by the courts to perform “community service” with us.

Volunteers perform a multitude of services from washing dishes, making sandwiches and serving meals to  fundraising and assisting our residents with routine chores.  Regardless of the skills they bring, volunteers are always welcome.

Thanks to all of our loyal supporters  who donate to our work in so many ways, and especially  our volunteers  who give so freely of their time. 




If you would like to help by either volunteering or helping us with some of our ongoing operational needs, or to find out what might be on our ‘current’ wish list, please call our main number at 798-8210.

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